Changing Lives…One Carnival at a Time.

Last week, I had an amazing opportunity to sell my baked goods at a carnival.  My dad is the parish manager at his church, Sts. Peter and Paul in Mt. Vernon, and they were holding their annual church carnival.  They had all the typical carnival fare: rides, cotton candy, funnel cake, and…my booth!

Got my own banner and everything!

Got my own banner and everything!

In preparation for the four days of carnival fun, I feverishly baked my butt(er) off! For the first night, I made my famous chocolate peanut butter squares,

My famous chocolate peanut butter squares

you gotta try these.

apple hand pies, pumpkin bread slices, and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  I sold out of the peanut butter squares on the first night.  In fact, I think I ended up making peanut butter pie each day prior to showing at the booth!

Apple hand pies...Made with freshly picked apples  from the orchard!

Apple hand pies…Made with freshly picked apples from the orchard!

Other nights included gluten free-super-fudgy-brownies, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, mini apple pies, and gluten free snickerdoodles.

Gluten free brownies...the fudgiest brownies you'll ever taste.

Gluten free brownies…the fudgiest brownies you’ll ever taste.

Gluten free amazing.

Gluten free snickerdoodles…so amazing.

How cute are these??

How cute are these??


It was a great experience.  I got to chat with people who were dairy-free themselves, and we commiserated on the lack of dessert options in our neighborhood.  It was also pretty cool seeing how excited they got that I could provide exactly what they were looking for.

The most interesting part of the four days was the many conversations I had with people, trying to convince them that my dairy-free desserts tasted exactly the same as full milk, full butter treats (and they really do, seriously).  I even provided samples most days, and there were lots of surprised looks.

Some people really could not understand why anyone would want to be dairy or allergy free. That boggled my mind.  I know there are people out there who cannot tolerate certain foods.  However, I think that some of those people eat them anyway!  In the past when I’ve talked to people (colleagues, friends, etc.) about my dairy intolerance, I occasionally get the response, “yeah, I can’t really eat dairy.  But I could never cut out cheese or ice cream.”

One gentleman in particular refused to believe that my vegan peanut butter squares tasted good. (He also misread the sign I put there, thinking that ‘vegan’ meant ‘veggie’.  Veggie peanut butter squares? Ok, that’s not too appetizing, but learn how to read, dude.)

You tell him, Michelle.

You tell him, Michelle.

I eventually convinced him to buy a brownie, and he walked away before I could see his first bite.  I think it’s just interesting that outside the big city, people are still a little behind on the allergy-free baking.

Overall, the carnival was a success.  I made some money,  got my name out there, and maybe opened some eyes on a whole healthier way to eat dessert.

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One thought on “Changing Lives…One Carnival at a Time.

  1. […] reviewed by a blogger “Confessions of a Northern Belle”, was the first dessert to sell out at my booth at a carnival this September, and I’ve found that it’s the easiest of all my desserts to ship across the country in my Etsy […]

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